Bound for Boston

Three of Donegal’s best-loved musicans are to perform in Boston later this month.

Singer songwriters Kate O’Callaghan and Finbarr Doherty (Saddler), and percussionist Seamus Devenny, are travelling to Boston with support from Culture Ireland.

They’ll perform on Monday, September 20 at a reception hosted by Boston College for a group of Donegal people who are visiting Boston under a leadership programme organised by the Irish Immigration Centre in Boston.

Later that same night, they will perform at the Druid bar in Cambridge, in a session-style performance.

Over the next two nights, the trio will perform with Boston-based musicians Ry Cavanaugh and Session Americana (who are well-known here for their series of sessions at McGrory’s Culdaff) at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge.

The musicians are funded by Culture Ireland

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