Kate O’Callaghan is that rare bird that manages to combine evocative melodies with intelligent considered lyrics, covering a gamut of emotions from the sublime to the cathartic and blending together to create a totally original sound. See Quotes/Reviews below

Distinctive, thoughtful, heartfelt, provocative and most definitely all her own…She is unique. Observe and enjoy.

Fanrealm (USA)

Distinctive in both writing style and beautiful vocal delivery, Kate draws reference from a very diverse range of sources, from historical figures and local heroes to nature and her surroundings in a skewed, refracted version of folk that is haunting, poignant and uplifting.

Her aspect is very much her own, and in arranging songs she explores the less obvious paths tonally as much as the expected.

A singer/songwriter and musician based in Co. Donegal, Ireland, Kate has collaborated with various artists/groups, including Boston based roots collective Session Americana, singer/songwriters Finbarr Doherty (Irl), Jennifer Kimball (US), The Henry Girls (Irl), Duke Special (N.Irl), Mark Black (Irl) and the Inishowen Gospel Choir (Irl).

Kate has also toured and/or opened shows for several acts incl. Peter Mulvey and Birds of Chicago (US/ in association with Roadworks Tours IRL), Gretchen Peters (Grammy nominated Nashville Singer/songwriter), Amelia Curran (CA)  and Jack Lukeman’s award winning 27 Club (Irl).

Festival appearances include Earagail Arts Festival, Clifden Arts Festival, Guth Gafa International Film Festival, Galway Arts Festival, Electric Picnic, Glasgowbury (N.Irl), Maiden City Festival (N.Irl) and Glastonbury (UK).

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“Perfectly delivered..Kate has a beautiful voice..lots of fine act to watch over the coming years” –, 2014 (IRL)

“Stunning vocals and deft guitar and violin interplay; the type of act who’d be right at home beside a crackling fireplace in your local pub or gracing a much bigger stage at the next big folk festival” – Folk & Tumble, 2014 (N.Irl)

Subliminal, understated and simply glorious” – Fatea Magazine, 2013 (UK)

A dazzling debut album – intelligent, meaningful and an extraordinary listening experience” – Fanrealm, 2013 (USA)

“Warm, inviting, charming and delicate. A stunning debut album” – 2 U I Bestow, 2013  (IRL)

“A talented singer/songwriter with a great voice”  – Shire Folk Magazine, 2013 (UK)

“Beautifully evocative; a treat for the senses”  – Goldenplec, 2013 (IRL)

“Dreamy and Soulful”  – The Daily Mail, 2012 (UK)

“Performed exquisitely…”  – The Independent on Sunday, London 2012 (UK)

“Distinctive, thoughtful, heartfelt, provocative and most definitely all her own…She is unique. Observe and enjoy”  –  Fanrealm, 2010 (USA)

“Jazzy folk with a dash of fun, humour, crisp lyrics and excellent vocals… Impressive debut EP which belongs next to Imelda May & M. Shocked!”  – 2 U I Bestow, 2010 (IRL)

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