Women’s Work Festival – Belfast

I can’t wait to perform at the upcoming Women’s Work Festival on Sunday 6th March. The show is called Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

Presented by Roisin Whyte and Jan Carson  and made up of poets, writers and musicians; all women, all performing original work. It is described as – “Ten different imaginations, perspectives, experiences, humours, sorrows, ponderings. Stories that blazed or maybe crawled into being via scrunched-up papers/blank computer screens. Songs finally born after many laboured nights judged by silent, sullen instruments in the corner of the room”. It will take place in the Black Box Cafe, 7pm -10pm.

The Women’s Work Festival, run by Charlotte Dryden at the Oh Yeah Centre, promotes women working in the music industry and will be hosting a variety of great female lead events including Go Girl, Three for Three with Kaz Hawkins, and International Women’s Day Showcase with Katherine Phillipa and Saint Sister to name but a few. Check it out folks.


Women's Work